About Isa

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The Buzz about Isa

  Isa Alsup is an accomplished
3d artist and compositor.

He has distinguished himself as 
a capable and efficient artist 
in numerous film and video productions.

Isa's many areas of expertise make him 
an ideal candidate for many projects:

skills: Expert
     Layout & Camera Animation
     CG Supervision

skills: Master
         Rigid Body
         Soft Body
On Lighting:
"My sense of accomplishment comes from lighting a scene quickly and in a render-efficient manner using no more lights than necessary.  I like to think like a Lighting Director and imagine I have limited resources.  Gels and gobos are my favorite lighting toys.  I've never seen a black shadow in nature and hate them in CG."

On Shaders:
"For me, shaders are the greatest thrill.  I used to paint and draw a good deal, before CGI, and this is where I get to bring a shot alive. Appropriate texture for the style of the show and the scale of the shot is where it's at.  I enjoy building visually effective and efficient shaders,  whether the direction is stylistic, impressionistic or realistic,"

On Compositing:
"I like compositing because I enjoy putting together all the pieces and making something greater than the sum of its parts. Compositing is challenging because source materials often need to be caressed into the sweet spot and fun  because I can do it fast and well."