This fully integrated database contains thousands of curriculum-targeted primary documents, biographies, essays, critical analyses, and full-text coverage of more than 1,000 magazines and newspapers. Also includes more than 20,000 photographs, illustrations, and audio and video clips.

Useful for all subject areas. ELA, SS, Math & Science
 Contains over 100 age-appropriate magazines for grades K-5.

Useful for students in all subject areas. ELA, Science, Math,  and SS. Especially for students who are reading on a 3-5 grade reading level.
  Contains a range of perspectives on many important issues, with over 13,000 pro/con viewpoints. Includes a variety of resource types: reference, news, primary sources, multimedia and more.
Useful for ELA, SS, & Science as it examines current and topical issues that have multiple points of view.  Excellent for "argument" essay.

   Gale Power Search
Use this to search all of the Gale Products in one search.
Useful for all subject areas.
 Science in Context
Limited time only!
For your science reports.
Useful for science or STEM.
A general Encyclopedia that touches many topics.
Useful for all subject areas.
 New York Times Replica Edition
Read the New York Times Daily in school only.
This tool also translates articles into other languages.
Destiny Discover
Read books on your computer and/or download them to your tablet or mobile device.
Use the Username and Password that was provided to you by Mrs. Keller for the library Catalog.

Useful for all subject areas and for finding popular titles that are currently unavailable in the library.
  Contains searchable nonfiction e-books.  
Useful for many subject areas and many reading levels. Please click to see what titles are available.
   General Science Collection
A collection of over 1,000 peer-reviewed journals, providing researchers with the information needed to stay current on the latest scientific developments.
Useful for Science Research
   U.S. History Collection
As any historian will state, the study of history is as much about the present as the past: to that end, this collection provides well-rounded coverage of both the current thinking and events in US History, as well as scholarly work being established in the field.
Useful for SS/History.
Contains peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources.

Useful for those pursuing a higher education and for students looking to challenge themselves.
   General Onefile
A source for news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics: business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology, and many general interest topics.

Useful for ELA, SS, & Sciece.  You can find current newspaper articles.  The database is updated daily to include news from the day before.  Useful for current events articles or topics that were current in the past.

  This full-text newspaper database has several New York Newspapers including the New York Times from 1995 on, and over 1,000 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers.

Useful for ELA, SS, & Sciece.  You can find current newspaper articles.  The database is updated daily to include news from the day before.
  A subset of InfoTrac Newsstand, this database includes articles from newspapers from around New York State including: Glens Falls Post-StarNew York TimesNew York ObserverNew York Post, and Newsday.

Useful for ELA, SS, & Sciece.  You can find current newspaper articles.  The database is updated daily to include news from the day before.
  Popular Magazines includes more than 1,000 of the most searched magazines across our InfoTrac products. All the titles were selected based on actual publication searches performed by library patrons. This database is 100% full text and includes over 600 titles recommended by Bowker's "Magazines for Libraries".
Useful for ELA, SS, & Sciece.  You can find current magazine articles.  The database is updated regularly to include news from the day before.

Discovery Education offers media content that is immersive, engaging and brings the world into the classroom to give every student a chance to experience fascinating people, places, and events. All content is aligned to state standards, can be aligned to custom curriculum, and supports classroom instruction regardless of the technology platform.

For all subject areas teachers. Please inquire with Mrs. Keller for the passcode to create your own username and account.

A subscription to BrainPop, which has animated videos that relate to curricular areas.

Useful for all subject areas

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