Illinois River Valley Orienteering Club

Welcome to the Illinois River Valley Orienteering Club website!  We are dedicated to the sport of orienteering! 
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Next Event
June 24 - Kinsey
Our next event will be a standard Foot-O at Kinsey Park
Scott Fredrickson will be our host

Start times from 10-noon
Standard meet fees apply

The park has been developed much since last year.  Over 3 miles of wide gentile trails have been constructed throughout the park.  Come to navigate with the map and your compass, then stay to check out the trails afterwards!  Bring your bikes too!
The White and Yellow courses will feature these trails, while the Orange and Blue courses will see some trails but also explore the rest of the 380 acre park.  
White - 1.3km fun trail hike with family
Yellow - 2.0km fun trail hike with hills and some route choices
Orange - 3.2km more challenging off trail navigation
Blue - 4.5km most challenging off trail navigation & thick vegetation

Due to the weather, our Farmdale event needed to be cancelled in May, however, we are going to reschedule that event for July 21-22.  
Night-O on Friday July 21, Bike-O and Foot-O on July 22.

Latest Results:
Results from the Foot-O at Green Valley are available here