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Personal Info

I am married, and have 2 daughters, Joanna (age 24), and Melanie (age 22). I'm on Facebook, which allows me to connect with people from various stages of my life. The whole concept of doing that is a potential minefield. Nevertheless, there is more personal info there, which I share with "friends", using the Facebook definition, which says that "All friends were created equal".  I'm also on LinkedIn, which has some additional career information.

So I can record how to find ourselves, I decided to put the following info on my page.  We took pictures on September 1, 2000, at EPCOT at Disney World for the Leave a Legacy sculpture. The locations of our pictures are West-4-F-16-6-1 and West-4-F-16-6-2. Here are the pictures of the girls and me (you can guess what I've done to the other half of the picture of me):
Irv and ??? Melanie and Joanna
Irv and Susan's picture Joanna and Melanie's picture


Before the web was so big and browsers had bookmarks, I created some pages with links to places I check out once in a while. Now, I don't need those that much. But I've kept the pages on Operations Research and Fun Stuff

Irv's mailing address

25 Sylvan Way
Short Hills, NJ 07078
Phone: (973)-467-9513

Email: (my 3 letter nickname) AT  (Done this way because of those damn spammers!)

Last modified: September 2, 2016