Plunge Safety & Medical Emergency Plan

Plunge Safety Plan:

An EMT and ambulance will be on site for the event.

The Irvington Frigid Water Rescue Team will be on the site for the event.

The beach area will be marked off and only registered Plungers, safety and event personal will be permitted in the area.

The actual Plunge area will be marked off and no deeper than 4 feet.

Plungers MUST leave the water at the Ice Rescue Team’s direction. 

No swimming under water will be allowed. 

All participants will be required to wear foot covering for protection.

A heated warm up tent will be provided for participants.

Separate men’s and women’s heated changing tent areas will be provided. 

Plunge Medical Emergency Plan:

In case of ice in, dangerous weather, limited visibility or other dangerous conditions, the Plunge may be postponed.  Joe Archino after consultation with the Frigid Water Rescue Team and others, will be responsible for this decision. 

If a participant needs to be hospitalized, Joe Archino will alert family members and friends and will organize security of the participant’s equipment and belongings. 

The aided will be brought to the closest appropriate medical facility: Dobbs Ferry Hospital in Dobbs Ferry or Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow.

Questions or Help Contact:  Maria Kashkin at 591-8488.