How do I get donations?

We will help you get started with donations.

After you fill out the registration form and waiver we will set up an online donation page for you.  Each Plunger donation page will have a unique link that goes to your page. We will send you the link so you can post it on your Facebook page, put it on the bottom of your emails, tweet or text it to your friends.  You will also be listed as a Plunger on our web page at www.irvingtonplunge.com. Any visitor to our web page can just click your name and they will be directed to your personal donation page.

Your donation page will have different boxes for the amount your sponsors would like to contribute.  All a sponsor must do is fill in a name, address, email, and select the amount they want to contribute, and pay by credit card.

Donations are processed through Click & Pledge a nationally recognized PCI/CISP compliant donation site. Click & Pledge does not store any personal or credit card information. All credit card charges will appear on the statement as “Irvington Plunge” and all funds are deposited in the Village of Irvington account. They are tracked separately and will  be disbursed solely for the use of the Recreation and Parks Department programs and events. 

An automatic thank you is sent to each sponsor.  You (and the Plunge committee) will be notified via email each time a pledge is made on your behalf, allowing you to thank your sponsors in a more personal way.  Please tell your friends, relatives, and business associates that you are jumping in the Hudson River to support our community events!  Let them know you care about Irvington and you are “freezing for a reason” and supporting the Rec Department’s senior, youth and community programs and events! Thank so much for your participation and we look forward to seeing you Shiver at the River for the Penguin Plunge!

If you have any questions please contact Maria Kashkin at 591-8488 or email us at irvingtonplunge@gmail.com.