FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Penguin Plunge?

The Penguin Plunge is where you get others to sponsor you to leap into the freezing water at Matthiessen Park in the Hudson River.  This plunge is to raise funds to bring back programs cut from the Irvington Parks and Recreation’s budget.

What is the actual plunge?

The actual plunge is where all the Plungers race into and then frolic in the Hudson River within a safety perimeter established by the Irvington Fire Department’s frigid water rescue team.  Plungers set their own personal goals of how deep to go and how long they want to stay in; within the limits established by the safety team.  Some Plungers will only get their ankles wet, others will stay in and frolic until the dive members ask them leave the water.  Swimming underwater is prohibited since it makes it harder for the divers to determine individuals in distress.  The deepest part of the water at the Plunge site is about 4 feet.

When is the Plunge?

The plunge is on Sunday, April 6th, 2014.  Check in begins at 1:00 pm and the plunging will begin at 

2:00 pm.

Where will the plunge be held?  Matthiessen Park - at the beach.

Who can plunge?                                                                                                                                                    Anyone 14 years or older can take the Plunge - if you are 16-18 years old, your parents/guardian will need to sign your waiver form.  If you are 14 or 15 years old, you can plunge with a registered adult and a signed waiver by parent/guardian.

Who can attend?

Invite all your friends and family members to watch you make the leap for a great cause.  The more the merrier and the warmer you will be afterwards.

How do I raise money to plunge?

Get people to sponsor you!!!!  Click here to find out how.

Too chicken to plunge?

Are you too chicken to plunge?  That isn’t a problem.  Just register as a chicken, raise the donations and receive the incentives just like a regular plunger .... except without the freezing water.

How do I go about registering for the Penguin Plunge?                                                                                                 All participants must register by filling out an application and signing the Penguin Plunge consent waiver.  Applications are also available at the recreation department or by contacting Maria Kashkin at irvingtonplunge@gmail.com.  Return the application and waiver to the recreation department or email  irvingtonplunge@gmail.com

How much money do I have to raise to take the Plunge?                                                                                 We would like you to raise as much as you can and we will help you.  Our website www.irvingtonplunge.com has information available about how to get donations. There are also incentives for you.  Aside from exclusive bragging rights and good old fashion fun, everyone who takes the Plunge will earn incentives (see below)  based on how much money you raise. 

$50 -  Little Blue Penguin     beach ball, free food ticket

$100 - Rockhopper Penguin beach ball, free food ticket, t-shirt

$250 - Royal Penguin         beach ball, free food ticket, t-shirt, drawstring bag

$500 - King Penguin         beach ball, free food ticket, t-shirt, embroidered duffel bag

$1,000 - Emperor Penguin beach ball, free food ticket, t-shirt, embroidered duffel bag,

                                                        & embroidered shoe-lace up hoodie

To qualify for awards and prizes all contributions must be turned in by 1:00pm am on the day of the Plunge. 

Incentives and Prizes will be given at the Plunge site.  Stay after the Plunge and enjoy great food, a bon fire, food and beverages while you wait for  totals to be calculated. 

What about Safety?                                                                                                                                                     We have full emergency crews, ambulances, and the Irvington Fire Department’s Frigid Water Rescue Team on site during the event.  These highly trained individuals from the Irvington Fire Department consider air and water temperature, current strengths, amount of debris in the water, and other conditions to decide the maximum time Plungers are allowed to stay in the water, and help you stay as safe as possible.  You must be in good health, and know your own limits, the water will be cold!

What do I wear for the Plunge?                                                                                                                               You can wear anything you want - as little or as much as you would like. You MUST wear foot protection.  Any closed toe shoe that will protect your feet like old sneakers. The beach and bottom of the Hudson can be hazardous so be smart here!  Be sure to bring some dry clothes or a sweat suit for afterward. 

Where can I change before and after the plunge?

Yes.  We will have male and female changing areas in a heated tent for you. You can also leave your dry clothes in the warming tent.  We will have someone there to watch your stuff for you.

I can't collect all my pledges before the plunge, what do I do?                                                                             No worries, collect them and mail it to Maria Kashkin at 104 Valleyview Road, Irvington, NY 10533.

Is there food or beverage at the site?
Food and beverages will be sold at this event.  Please note that alll plungers will be able to eat or drink for free.  

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to irvingtonplunge@gmail.com