Finnick Odair

Costume Debut: March 2012
Costume Reprised: June 2012

For the release of The Hunger Games movie in March 2012, Irvin finally put together a costume he'd been planning for almost two years, ever since reading the books: Finnick Odair, in the costume he wears in the tribute parade of the 75th Hunger Games (described as "netting, and not much else").  This is quite possibly the least material worn in any of Irvin's cosplays, and is quite cold.

That is why the next time it was worn, it was on a boiling hot and sunny day in NYC - namely, the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  In his second year attending the parade, Irvin took the costume as is, since it seemed tailor-made for such an occasion.  There were slight differences - it was too hot to wear the wig, a Mockingjay necklace was added for clarity in the absence of context, and gold glitter was applied to the eyes as an homage to Cinna.

There was a slight conflict of fandoms, since Irvin was marching with a Harry Potter contingent - this was rectified by declaring that Finnick was doubtless a Hufflepuff, and putting on a sticker to prove it.  The summer sun was quite strong that day, and Irvin got an incredible sunburn... in a checkered grid, as per his costume.  Quite possibly the best sunburn ever.