Elphaba Thropp

Costume Debut: Halloween 2012
Costume Reprised: January 2013, Halloween 2013

Irvin's favorite musical ever is Wicked, so after five consecutive HP-themed Halloweens, 2012 was devoted to the lead in Wicked - the Wicked Witch of the West - Elphaba Thropp herself.

One of the best things about this outfit is the movement - it looks amazing while moving, and from every angle - so Irvin wore it to the Dancing Death Eaters' Halloween lesson to dance in.  Afterwards, he went to the Gershwin Theater, getting there just as Wicked let out.  Irvin stood by the stage door, interacting with the cast, and even recreating the iconic poster with the real Glinda.  He then journeyed home chatting with the show's drummed for half the subway ride.

The following day, Irvin donned the green again to go to Central Park, where he made a point of absolutely terrifying children.  Mission accomplished!  The rest of Irvin's carefully laid Halloween plans were ruined due to Hurricane Sandy, but since the entire costume came from his preexisting costume drawer, it can be whipped out for another occasion in the future.

And it was whipped out the following January for a concert by Idina Menzel - the original Elphaba in Wicked, which kickstarted Irvin's love for musicals back in 2004.  Dressed as Elphaba, Irvin got to the stagedoor, where he met Idina in all his green glory.  Idina signed his CD and then, despite a manager saying no pictures, took a picture with Irvin.  The conclusion has been made that awesome things happen when Irvin dons this outfit.

When Irvin got tickets to the tenth anniversary performance of Wicked, it was obvious he had to wear the costume to the performance.  And since the anniversary is October 30th, that tied in well with Halloween, despite a lot of people at NYU assuming Irvin had mixed up his dates.  Of course, Irvin as Elphaba was extremely popular among the crowd at the theater that night.  Since the stars did not come out the stage door, this Elphaba was the only one the crowd met.