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Quirinus Quirrell

Costume Debut: June 2012

For StarKid's second tour, Apocalyptour, Irvin knew he had to find a way of matching his legendary Umbridge outfit.  And he landed on Quirrell as a fitting followup - one of the most iconic characters from AVPM, and an outfit it would be easy to move in.  What he had not counted on was the agonizing heat inside the concert venue that nearly felled him, and would lead to a million people asking him, "How did you not die in there?"  It's easy to achieve superstar status, but martyr status takes a lot more!

Before the concert, Irvin did a tour of the line along with Scarfy, and the crowd cheered whenever he walked by.  Better yet, many remembered his Umbridge from SPACE Tour, and a second costume of such caliber increased their awe ten-fold.  Pretty soon, Irvin will have his own fandom as a subset of the StarKid fandom... if he doesn't already.

After the concert, Irvin was one of the few fans who stayed behind indefatigably to meet Team StarKid.  Their patience was rewarded around 2:30am when the stars came out to sign autographs and take pictures.  Irvin's night was made upon meeting Brian Rosenthal, the originator of AVPM!Quirrell, who said he'd noticed Irvin while on stage, and took a back-to-back picture with Irvin that is making its rounds all over the Internet.