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Lily Potter

Costume Debut: September 2012

To kick off the 2012-2013 Quidditch season, Irvin's team, the NY Badassilisks, hosted a Zombie/Inferi Quidditch Tournament.  Once Irvin saw the phrase "costumes encouraged," he immediately began pulling together a costume of Inferi Lily (as he explained to others, "because she's dead.")  This was juxtaposed with what Lily Evans would have looked like as a Quidditch player, so equal parts skanky and sporty.  This marked Irvin's first time playing Quidditch with fake boobs, and it went swimmingly.  For the Inferi makeup, Irvin went for a neck gash that was very effective in his Inferi Sirius cosplay (2009), prompting jokes about "Nearly Headless Lily."

This costume also paid homage to the year-and-a-half-long phenomenon of "That's What Lily Said!"  TGTSNBN's answer to "that's what she said," it was born in February 2011, when Irvin posed the question of whether Snape had died a virgin, and Lily cosplayer Christine chimed in, "That's not what Lily said!"  This has since been expanded to what other characters said, but "TWLS!" remains the iconic one.  So naturally, dressed as Lily, Irvin adapted it to "That's What I Said!"

The NY Badassilisks won the tournament, marking their first tournament win ever, and Inferi Lily looked frighteningly awesome clutching the gory trophy.