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Sybill Trelawney

Costume Debut: Halloween 2011
Costume Reprised: MISTI-Con 2013
Honors: Semi-Finalist in Mugglenet's Costume Contest 2012

For Halloween 2011, Irvin donned his most elaborate (by far) and best costume yet: that of Professor Sybill Trelawney.  This outfit required over a month to assemble, and required 35 minutes just to put on every time.  There were not as many props with this one, just a crystal ball, and a "sherry" bottle Irvin kept swigging from.

The outfit was given it's test run a week before Halloween at a book signing (much to the confusion of the authors) and a birthday party (the birthday girl was Hermione, and they kept snipping at each other).  It was then worn to the Dancing Death Eaters' Halloween lesson, where they filmed videos all in costume that no doubt look very strange.  While dancing, Irvin actually chipped his tooth on the sherry bottle... it's a dangerous costume!

On Halloween itself, Irvin caused quite a stir at NYU.  He then met up with friends from TGTSNBN in Washington Square Park, where after a lot of picture-taking, something possessed Irvin and a Bellatrix to start wading through the fountain.  The water was so cold, Irvin's feet lost feeling the minute he stepped in.  Must have been the sherry.

They then walked in the Village Halloween Parade as usual, with Trelawney prophesying doom for the crowds and encouraging them to "open their Inner Eyes!"  She was a big hit.  And for a change, in Trelawney's half-dozen layers, Irvin was warm and cozy on Halloween!  Though the outfit did not come without a price - aching feet, black-and-blue fingers from rings, and scraped ears from mirrorball earrings.  But it was all worth it.

As Irvin's favorite costume, Trelawney had to be worn at MISTI-Con 2013, and so she was. It worked out quite well, since there was a Hall of Prophecy that served as a very good backdrop for photos.  Trelawney also got to cower before Umbridge, nearly falling into the lake in the process.