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Reg Cattermole

Costume Debut: July 2011
Costume Reprised: MISTI-Con 2013

Continuing his line of summer cosplays, Irvin needed something to party in the weekend after the last HP movie came out.  TGTSNBN was throwing a huge bash in honor of the occasion, called "Victory over Voldemort Day," or "V-V Day" for short.  So Irvin decided to dress as the most obscure character yet: Reg Cattermole, as impersonated by Ron.  This gave him the excuse to be dripping wet the entire time, so he stayed cool.  He ran around frantically looking for his wife, and desperately apologizing to "Yaxley" for the rain in his office.  And he also performed with the Dancing Death Eaters at the V-V Day party, which was odd on so many levels.

This was the perfect outfit to wear at a convention themed around the Ministry of Magic, so it was the first outfit Irvin wore at MISTI-Con 2013, for the opening gala.  It wasn't quite as hot this time, so the water didn't dry as quickly.  This also made it okay for a friend to spill a drink on the costume during a very enthusiastic hug - better this outfit than any other!