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Fleur Delacour

Costume Debut: April 2011
Costume Reprised: MISTI-Con 2013

When Harry Potter: The Exhibition moved to NYC, TGTSNBN went as a huge costumed group.  Irvin already knew that one had to have a spectacular outfit when attending the Exhibit, so he pulled together a new outfit: that of Fleur Delacour.  Best of all, he already had everything for it, just needed to buy thigh-highs and borrow a blond wig.

Fleur was by far the skankiest outfit Irvin has ever worn.  A short miniskirt, heels, bouncy blonde hair, and the most enormous chest Irvin has ever had.  Reasoning that if veela didn't have magically huge boobs, guys wouldn't be magically attracted to them, Irvin made his breasts nothing short of enormous this time.  And boy, did he turn quite a few heads that day!  The day finished at IHOP, where Irvin and his friends sat around in costume talking about extremely dirty things, and traumatizing the poor family next to them.

Irvin donned the outfit again at MISTI-Con for the wizard rock concert; this is the perfect outfit to dance along to Swish and Flick in!