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Celine Longbottom (OC)

Costume Debut: Aeternitas 2011

Irvin had originally planned to spend the last morning of Aeternitas in Muggle clothes, but after a weekend of costumed craziness, the idea seemed utterly ludicrous.  So he donned a friend's blond wig and his trusty Hufflepuff robes, along with a Deathly Hallows necklace, and said he was Celine Longbottom, the daughter of Neville and Luna.

This is the first original character Irvin has ever cosplayed.  He believed that Neville and Luna end up together, and have a daughter.  The name is a derivation from "Selene," the Greek goddess of the moon, so her name is similar to Luna's.  Irvin stayed in this costume until the very last second, enjoying the last fun times of the con.