In 2011, Irvin began to pursue unique costumes.  Having spent two years with TGTSNBN, he had seen most of the popular characters done a million times.  So he instead chose to focus on obscure characters that no one else ever did.  He cosplayed the rest of the Triwizard champions, and many more of the Hogwarts Professors.  He made his best costume ever for Halloween, but also created very impressive ones for trips to Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

The last HP movie was released in July, which of course demanded a lot of costumes... except the heat was so intense, that most of Irvin's costumes would have killed him.  He therefore created a summer line of cosplays that he could survive in during July: two new outfits and his old Voldemort cosplay.  Of the three, only one had a shirt, and only one required that he be dry.

There was also Aeternitas 2011, the con Irvin attended at the end of April, and the best weekend of his life.  It was pretty much the culmination of three years of cosplaying: Irvin wore eight different outfits, cosplaying seven different characters, over the course of four days.  It was the best weekend of his life.