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Severus Snape

Costume Debut: October 2010
Costume Reprised: November 2010, Aeternitas 2011

In October 2010, Irvin finally pulled together a cosplay for the good of his cosplaying community: at TGTSNBN's fall cosplay day he dressed as Severus Snape. With elegant Death Eater robes and a new wig full of "dandruff" (glue), he sneered the day away. He acted out several memorable scenes from the third, sixth, and seventh books. He also inadvertently satisfied one girl's desire for Snape/Lupin when they took pictures of Snape and Lupin wrestling, and the pictures came out looking rather sexual.

Snape became a handy outfit to have, as Irvin could wear it again to Halloween parties at NYU, and to the release of the seventh movie the following month.  And, since Irvin is a huge trendsetter, within months there were several Snapes running around.

Irvin wore Snape again at Aeternitas 2011, where he gave a very successful presentation about Snape titled "Snape's Anger."  Also while dressed as Snape, Irvin learned how to duel, which is a valuable skill to have.