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Remus Lupin

Costume Debut: February 2010
Costume Reprised: November 2010, December 2010

The weekend that Irvin and his friends went to Boston to view Harry Potter: The Exhibition in February 2010, Irvin did an impromptu cosplay of Remus Lupin. He had with him a stuffed bear dressed as Teddy. Ironically, that night there was a full moon, and Irvin and his friends stumbled upon a chocolate store reminiscent of Honeydukes. Wierd. Later, when they went to dinner, they got a high chair for Teddy, since Remus has to act like a good father. They also found a stuffed black dog, which Irvin took naughty Sirius/Remus pictures with.

In the fall, Irvin made a Dancing Death Eaters routine to "Dear Aunt Celestial" by Celestial Warmbottom, which is a song about Lupin and Tonks.  So for DDE performances at the NYC Wrock Festival and at their one-year-anniversary celebration, Irvin donned an altered (more dancey) version of Lupin.