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Lucius Malfoy

Costume Debut: June 2010
Costume Reprised: MISTI-Con 2013

In June 2010, the Dancing Death Eaters were invited to perform at a huge wizard rock show called Incendio! 2010. The show lasted all day and had just about all of Irvin's favorite artists. For the occasion,Irvin dressed up as Lucius Malfoy. Despite how uncomfortable it was dancing in a wig, it was well worth it, because Irvin gained quite a few fangirls that day. And almost everyone loves having fangirls.

This was the persona Irvin adopted as the leader of the Dancing Death Eaters, but he henceforth dispensed with the wig while performing.  However, three years later when Irvin taught a dance class at MISTI-Con 2013, he had to do so fully in character and reprised the outfit.  This is the end result of the dance class.  The outfit led to many compliments, such as, "That guy has a great dancer's body; his butt looks like you could bounce bricks off it."