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Lord Voldemort

Costume Debut: March 2010
Costume Reprised: July 2011

Late in March 2010, one of Irvin's friends, Staci, threw a bondage-themed birthday party. So while it wasn't bondage per se, Irvin dressed as Lord Voldemort from A Very Potter Musical. Complete with white makeup that seemed to absorb into his skin, but showed up in pictures. It was a hilarious party, with Irvin taking "Quirrellmort style" pictures with all of the guests.  In true Dark Lord fashion, he broke the birthday girl's favorite whip on another guy.

The costume was reprised the weekend the eighth movie was released.  Since it was a searing July, Irvin needed outfits he could survive in. Since this was his very first shirtless outfit, he donned it that Friday for a photo shoot in the Times Square subway station that was adorned with HP posters, and then continued to wear it to a late-night HP Improv show.  The makeup worked much better this time.