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Draco Malfoy

Costume Debut: February 2010
Costume Reprised: February 2011

Two weeks later, in honor of Universal Harry Potter Day 2010, Irvin cosplayed Draco Malfoy. This caused most women to fangirl him to a ridiculous decree, with many claiming that this was his best cosplay yet, and an almost-unanimous agreement among the women of TGTSNBN that it was the hottest. Accessorizing is always key, so Irvin had Inquisitorial Squad and prefect badges, a Hand of Glory, and an opal necklace. An entire photoshoot was done by the Brooklyn Bridge, with several other cosplayers. Among the scenes acted out was McGonagall slapping Draco, and Draco rolling about to imitate the Very Potter Musical version of the character.

The Draco outfit was worn again the following day for TGTSNBN's 200th Meetup Celebration, where Irvin performed with the Dancing Death Eaters in it, and won his first McClaggens contest.  Draco was worn for a third time the following weekend when Irvin went to Harry Potter: The Exhibition.  Many workers commented on his fabulous outfit, and even little kids recognized him as Draco Malfoy. He was just that good.

He reprised Draco but slightly differently a year later for a Dancing Death Eaters performance at NYU.