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Minerva McGonagall


Costume Debut: Halloween 2008                                     Costume Debut: October 2015
Costume Reprised: Aeternitas 2011                                                                              
Honors: Semi-Finalist in Mugglenet's Costume Contest 2008                                                                          

Irvin dressed up as Professor McGonagall for Halloween in 2008. At his high school, cross-dressing is insanely popular, but Irvin's boobs were considered the best out of all the guys' (for all the people bursting with curiousity, they were balloons). Irvin submitted his costume for Mugglenet's Costume Contest, and was chosen as one of the 25 semi-finalists. Even though he had begged everyone he knows to vote for him, in those days he mostly kept the company of Muggles, and he did not get chosen as one of the seven finalists. He accepted the loss graciously, saying that it's still a great honor to be one of the semi-finalists and that there's always next year.

And yes, he is aware of how scarily good he looks as an old lady.

He reprised the outfit two and a half years later for Family Feud at Aeternitas 2011.  He led his team, the "Hogwarts Professors," to a resounding victory in Family Feud, and they all won copies of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  More importantly, they put on a hilarious show for all the spectators, and Irvin distracted everyone from Family Feud with the sight of Professor McGonagall sexy-dancing.  This was also the birth of a new ship: McGonagall/Boggart!Snape.

The costume lay dormant in drawers for four years, but when Irvin decided to attend the Salem Halloween Ball in 2015, he decided the time was ripe for a reboot of the costume - after all, his cosplaying prowess had grown in the seven years since this costume was created.  He went for a brighter red color scheme, to honor McGonagall's Gryffindorness, as well as a fancier look overall (consider it McGonagall at the Yule Ball).  McGonagall danced up a storm, and got a chance to duel Voldemort at the party, leaving her outfit none the worse for the wear.