TAM - Test Analysis Modules

TAM is an R package for conducting multidimensional item response theory.


Thomas Kiefer, Alexander Robitzsch, Margaret Wu


  • Multidimensional 2PL item response models (marginal maximum likelihood estimation) with design matrices for item intercepts and item slopes
  • Fit statistics
  • Latent regression and plausible value imputation
  • Multi-faceted Rasch modeling
  • Joint maximum likelihood estimation

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Installation on a Mac computer (contributed by Markus Szczesny)



Adams, R. J., Wilson, M., & Wu, M. (1997). Multilevel item response models: An approach to errors in variables regression. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 22, 47-76.

Adams, R. J., & Wu, M. L. (2007). The mixed-coefficients multinomial logit model. A generalized form of the Rasch model. In M. von Davier & C. H. Carstensen (Eds.), Multivariate and mixture distribution Rasch models: Extensions and applications (pp. 55−76). New York: Springer.

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