Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management


Vinod Kumar, IRTS

Executive Director

Mobile: 09760530901

Telephone (& Fax): 0522-2471939

E-mail: ed.iritm@gmail.com


Service & Batch: 
IRTS, 1984


Ajaya Pratap Singh, IRTS


Mobile : 09794862001

Telephone : 0522-2471959
E-mail : dean.iritm@gmail.com

Service & Batch: 
IRTS, 1985

Qualifications: M. A.

(Political Science), University of Allahabad

Posts Held: AOS/M, DSO & DCM-Sonepur Div./NER.

DY COM/Con., Dy. CCM/Catering, Dy. COM/Goods,
Dy. COM/Coaching, Dy. COM/FOIS,NER/Gorakhpur,





Dr. Kalpana Dube, IRAS

Sr. Professor (Finance & PPP)

Telephone : 0522-2471960
Mobile : 09760530902

E-mail : spfn.iritm@gmail.com

Service & Batch: IRAS, 1987

Qualifications: MBA(1982-Universityof

Lucknow), PhD (2003) Jamna Lal Bajaj

Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai.

Posts Held: ADFM Mumbai Division, SFA

Mumbai Division/ Western Railway.

Dy. FA & CAO (Workshop, Stores & Construction).

Independent charge of Lower

Parel Workshop/ Western Railway.

Sr.DFM Lucknow/ Northern Railway, Director Finance RDSO.

On Deputation for four years at LBS National

Academy of Administration Mussorie (2004-08)

Assumed Charge as Sr.Professor PPP &

Finance, IRITM in July 2008.

Awards & Achievements:

MR Award




A.K. Pandey, IRTS

Professor (Operations)

Telephone : 0522-2961367

Mobile : 09794862004

E-mail : plog.iritm@gmail.com

Service & Batch: 
IRTS, 1997

Qualifications: M. Sc (Botany)

Posts Held: AOS(Coaching) Samastipur, ATO

(Plg)/ NER/Gorakhpur, Secretary/CCM/GKP,

STM/Coaching/GKP, DCM/Lucknow,

DCM/Varanasi, DOM/Lucknow Jn./ NER ,

Dy. COM/Con/BG/Gorakhpur/ NER

Awards & Achievements:

GM Award

MR Award, 1995




Rajesh Kumar, IRTS

Professor (Administration)

Telephone : 0522-2471964
Mobile : 09794862002

E-mail : padm.iritm@gmail.com

Service & Batch: 
IRTS, 1997

Qualifications: B.A.

Posts Held: AOM/Katihar Division, ADSO/Katihar.

Area Manager/Badarpur/NFR, Sr.DOM/Rangia

Division/ NFR, Dy.COM/C/NCR,ALD.

Awards & Achievements:

GM Award, 2000 & 2001

MR Award, 2008



Ashwini Srivastava, IRTS

Professor (Disaster Management)

Telephone : 0522-2473929
Mobile : 09794862003
E-mail : prdm.iritm@gmail.com

Service & Batch: 
IRTS, 1997

Qualifications: M.A from JNU, New Delhi

Posts Held: AOM/Sonpur,

Area Manager/Gorakhpur/NER.

Secretary to GM/NER. Sr. DOM/Lucknow,

Sr. DCM/Moradabad on Northern Railway.

Awards & Achievements:

GM Award: 2009, 2004, 2002 Maheshwar

Dayal Cup, 2001 (at Railway Staff College, Vodadara)