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Other Resources

Elsevier Training Desk – Library Advocacy Toolkit
This toolkit includes:
  • How-to tips for advocacy campaigns
  • Background and talking points to inform advocacy campaigns
  • Text that libraries can use to write letters in advocacy campaigns
 This is a WebJunction pathfinder offering a plethora of resources.
This website has a section dedicated to advocacy including information on getting started, advocacy institute, resources, as well as training and consulting.
A selection of guidelines and templates to promote your library’s resources by Gale.
This toolkit includes:
  • Press release template
  • Publicity Guidelines
  • Print/design production guidelines
  • Mail House Guidelines
Library Use Value Calculator
Patrons can calculate how much they would pay out-of-pocket for library services they used. This calculator can be customized and used on your local library web site. Here is an example:
Provides three different calculators to let librarians show the return on investment of library services in monetary terms.
Advocacy Defined:
  • What is Advocacy?
  • Why Is It Needed?
  • Who Should Do Advocacy?
  • Who Will Advocates Contact?
  • When Should We Do Advocacy?
  • How Should We do Advocacy?
  • We Can't Afford It!
  • Keys to Success
Developing An Advocacy Plan:
  • Why A Plan Is Needed
  • Get Organized
  • Develop An Action Plan
  • The Action Plan