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These videos are of Robert Brady giving a talk at Warwick on the motion of a compressible inviscid fluid.

A PDF version of the talk is available in the Relevant Documents section.

To learn more about the motion of a compressible inviscid fluid and its implications, explore this site and read the uploaded papers.

This forum relates to the irrotational motion in a compressible fluid, which has relevance to quantum mechanics, quantum computation, analogue gravity and other fields.

The patterns of flow in a fluid such as air if it had no viscosity support structures that are similar to smoke rings, but irrotational.

These structures mode through the fluid according to classical equations of motion, and the resulting trajectories obey statistical equations which are identical to those of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Similar emergence of quantum phenomena from completely classical motion is seen in videos of Yves Couder's experiments demonstrating tunnelling, double slit diffraction, and quantised energy levels. These videos can be found in the Experiments section.

Some of these structures are chiral. Opposite chiralities attract and like chiralities repel with a force that obeys Maxwell's equations, whose strength is characterised by a fine structure constant less than approximately 1 over 49.

The irrotational solutions of a compressible inviscid fluid are called sonons.

R11 Eddy
Image of an R11 sonon. click on the image to view animation. Image of an eddy. Click on the image to view animation

The R11 sonon can be obtained by bending the eddy into a ring and giving it a twist.