Irob Radio Program

Irob Radio Program In Saho Language

September 2, 2010

Good News for Irobs, Good News for Ethiopia, Good News for You and Me:

Saho Radio Transmission Starts in September 2010 (2003)


Dear Irobs and Irob Friends and Relatives Allover World,

A very warm greetings to you in God our Father the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Word of God who “dwelt among us” and learned Aramaic, blessed all the tribes and the languages of the world.

After almost two years of hard working of Irob ‘Wereda’ administration especially Mr. Rufael Shifare, Irob Development Association both in the country and abroad, all of you with your good will and prayer, also with your moral, vision and financial abiding support, Saho Radio program is about to start.

Congratulations! And let us thank the Good God who never left us alone since we started the study of our language and much before. The program will start from the beginning of Ethiopian New Year 2003. Most probably, it will be aired every Saturday at 6 PM local time (in the evening at 12pm Ethiopian local time).  For those who are abroad there will be a website services very soon. You may follow on line.

For this year the Irob Regional Government could only manage for a short period of time; because Mekele Radio Station is a private station, so, the government can only afford to rent this year half an hour per week with the cost of 441,445.44 (four hundred forty-one thousand four hundred and forty five Birr and forty four cents). If we could contribute with more financial support, it could soon be one hour and more than once in a week. It all depends on us Ethiopians in the country and abroad.

Here I would like to thank on the behalf of the Irob people, the administration of Mekele Radio Program owners and the Tigray Rigional Government leaders for their wonderful and true collaboration in empowering and supporting  the people of Irob by reducing the rent from more than one million Birr to so low as it is mentioned above.

The two sides have already signed for a year on August the 14th 2002 according to Ethiopian Calendar.  

Four correspondents are in training at the moment, however the Government has no salary for them. Let us stand with the Wereda, let us show our usual and firm support to our people in this historic and important junction of holistic development by helping pay the salary of the workers, appropriate recording machines, as I said above increasing the rent for more hours per week, and other facilities for the following three years. You may understand yourselves the necessity of some full time and one   par time correspondent each in most of the main   towns of the country. I am sure also we will be prepared to send important news from wherever cou ntry we may be.

And this can only become true when our financial support reaches to Irob Government either directly, or through / to Irob Development Association as soon as possible. IDA has a new board members and leadership with their office in Mekel which has been opened by your unreserved support last year.

This Ethiopian New Year, the minimum needed for this program from you and me is no less than 250,000 Birr for the correspondents, 50,000 for instruments, about 500,000 Birr for raising from half an hour to one hour transmission 200,000 for other training and publications for the Radio and other language development activities. At the same time I must point out that these estimations are mine with some consultations of the Mr. Rufael the Irob ‘Wereda’ and Mr. Hagos Tsegay the new chairman of IDA. It means

I am sure those who started giving their 30 Dollar per month ($360 per year) and many more who promised to start their generous contribution for these three years and will kindly remember us before the end of September 2010. 

Here I would like to remind you that how helpful it is to send us the annual contribution on one go. For example last year it helped us to buy two computers one Vidio Camera and renting the house. It also helped us to hire two full time workers and rent one house with two rooms as Irob Development Association. It also helped us how to organize different conferences and standardization courses as well as other Saho language development programs. Of course this process of Radio Program would not have reached this stage without your serious commitment in a short period of time.

Dear friends I thank you; I pray for you and congratulate you again on behalf of Irob Wereda - Ato Rufael and the previous and the present Irob Development Association Board on this historic and gracious event.     

Also I would like to remind you that as I have sent on the website ( ) the previous 6 months financial report,  on March 9, 2010 (30/6/2002 EC), I will send the following one in the first half of September 2010.            

Wishing you a very happy, peaceful and meaningful Ethiopian New Year 2003; and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Your brother

Abba Abraham Hailu

Comboni Missionaries

Awasa – Sidamo – South Ethiopia

NB. Telephone: 00251 913547324

Or                       00251914211538