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Ethiopia mourns late leader Meles

The Charismatic, Visionary, And Ever Popular Prime Minister Of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, Dies At Age 57, After A Brief And Unexpected Sudden Illness. And Ethiopia Mourns The Loss Of This Great Visionary And Revolutionary Leader Who Was Dedicated And Committed To Eradicate Poverty From Ethiopia Once For All. May His Soul Rest In Peace!!

Mr Mulugeta said he could not confirm the cause of death, but the patriarch had suffered from hypertension and diabetes...(interview)

Eritrean refugees protest in front of the USA Embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel

Eritrean refugees protest in front of the USA embassy in Tel Aviv , June 29, 2012. Protesters 

Ethiopian Sport - Great Run for Renaissance Dam - Live

A National Council Against Illegal Human Trafficking (Jun 22, 2012)

A consultative meeting to organize a national council for a popular movement against illegal human trafficking was held today in the Prime Minister’s Office. ... Read more.

Ethiopia and U.S. Sign Development Assistance Deal Worth US$1.54 Billion 

A financial deal amounting to $1.54 billion and aimed at boosting the Growth and Transformation Plan was signed between Ethiopia and the United States on Tuesday. Finance and Economic Development State Minister, Ahmed Shide, and USAID Mission Director, Tomas Staal, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective governments in Addis Ababa (Source: www.mfa.gov.et).

Addis Ababa, June 13 (WIC) - Tedros Adhanom, Ethiopia’s minister of health, has been awarded the Stanley T. Woodward Lectureship at Yale University, given to distinguished international visitors to the University. 

Tedros was one of 23 senior health practitioners and researchers from South Africa, Liberia, Ethiopia, and Ghana who convened at Yale for the fourth annual Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) conference, June 4-8.    

Elizabeth Bradley, faculty director of GHLI, presented the award to Tedros during a ceremony held in honor of this year’s participants. Yale President Richard C. Levin commended the delegates’ commitment to improving health conditions for people around the world.

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May 14,  2012

Salute To The Amazing Women Of Tigray (Ethiopia)--Heroines of Development Fighting To Eradicate Poverty! (Watch the following videos in Tigrinya by ETV!)

An Eritrean Young Woman Was Gunned Down By The Eritrean Patrol Guards While Trying To Cross Like Many Others To Ethiopia To Escape Suppression In Her Homeland: And She Had Been Treated From Her Multiple Bullets Wounds By The Ethiopian Medics Attempting To Save Her Life.  
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(Watch the Following CNN Video Story!)


Irob Cyber-Community Meeting Place

Why I am not shedding tears for my relative at Sinai prison (and it’s not because I am cruel)
by Ziade Hailu
  March, 2012

Letters from Alitiena: Book Review

by Ziade Hailu
December, 2011

That this book review may reach you well the noble inhabitants of America, Europe, Asia Africa and Middle East, who read my previous opinion pieces, provide me comments which are more beautiful than the full ears of corn on fertile field, to me, poor reviewer in the desert of Abyssinia, Ziade, the son of Hailu, son of Weldu from the tribe of Irob. Or that is how Dillibis would start his book review, or again how a Somali would begin to write her autobiography. (Click HERE to read the Full Text)


Communiqué from ISESP Committee-Nov 2011

After we have posted the news of proposed fund raising dinner that is slated for December 31st  2011,  many of you have raised some valid questions regarding the status of the program and its legitimacy. It is evident more information is required on the Irob Scholarship and Educational Support Program (ISESP) and this communiqué is issued to answer just that. (More...)

Submitted by Ziade Hailu

Assabol Dam and Adjoining Irrigation Scheme

Operation & Maintenance Management Package

by Dr. Bruno Strebe


Irob People's Documentary Film - Part 1 of 6

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Click Here to View Irob Region in Slides


                                                                                                                By Tsehaye Alema & Ziade Hailu
                                        August 2011

First Annual Conference of ILCA (Irob Language & Culture Association) on Irob Language was held in Addigrat, Tigray, Ethiopia, in July 2011.

Experiences with Lake Sedimentation in Assabol Reservoir Three Years after Completion of Dam

This document shall help to share our experiences in struggling for an optimised water management and sediment flushing with other people of the world, and
especially with Ethiopian engineers and Ethiopian scholars/students. This paper complements the findings of the thesis of my son Andres Strebel (summer rains
2006, refer attached document). Based on intensive observations of lake behaviour (including photo monitoring) and in comparison to land shaping processes observed in the rivers of the upper watershed, I take the (scientific) risk of making forecasts, based on very little data available.

by Dr. Bruno Strebel
 January 2010

“Irob-Saho” As Documented by Leo Reinisch

Sprache der Irob-Saho in Abessinien”   Read online for FREE (The Language of Irob-Saho in .
By Hagos Kahsay, Germany

 Dawhan High School of the Irob Woreda in Tigray, Ethiopia:
A video report on the academic progress and deficiencies of the High School and on the support received from IRROB (USA) and other Irob-related organizations and TDA. The School appeals to all Irobs and others for more help!

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The long road of death, massacre in Sinai
08/18/2010 09:32
(Source: The Jerusalem Post)

The Deadly Exodus of Irob Youth

IRROB.org has sadly learned that during this current month of June 2010 two Irob youths died of dehydration and starvation on the Sudanese territory in an overcrowded small car during a long journey to Sinai, Egypt. They were heading to their destination, Israel. According to the information received from Israel via telephone communication, the two young Irobs (their names are omitted purposely from mentioning here) were from Bobo (Addaga) and Aiga villages of Irob (Erob) Woreda, Northeastern Ethiopia, and were students who completed high school level education.(To read the full text, CLICK HERE!)

  • Reuters UK Egypt police kill Eritrean woman at Israeli border - June 29, 201
  • Egypt shoots Israel-bound Eritrean (BBC News) Tue, 29 Jun 2010 18:55:11 GMT
    An African migrant is shot and killed by Egyptian police as she tries to cross illegally into Israel.

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  • "The present study is concerned with the sedimentation in the Assabol watershed in North Ethiopia and was conducted between July 2006 and July 2007. The main part of the evaluated data was acquired during the field study in summer 2006 in the watershed area (6 July to 9 September 2006). The aim of this study is to get a better understanding of the sedimentation processes in the watershed of the Assabol Flood Water Harvesting Scheme, especially with regards to the sediments filling the reservoir of this scheme. The Harvesting Scheme is initiated by the ADDA (Adigrat Diocesan Development Action) and the thesis should reveal practical information for this project. The thesis is written under the lead of Prof. Dr. H. Hurni from the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) at the University of Bern." (Andres Strebel)

Andres Strebel, Bern, May 2007

  • Dreams! Dreams! Dreams!

"To dream is easy, but to turn a dream into a reality may often be beyond practical expectations. Nightmares,
however, may give birth to the dreams. How could the people living to the east of Adigrat on the steep slopes
of the Rift Valley be saved from repeated droughts and hunger? How could those people be provided with a
minimum of food security? How could the quality of their lives be improved? Their self-reliance was a remote
dream, an ambitious ideal, but too hazy to be seen as a practical short-term objective ..."
(Kevin O'Mahonney, M.Afr.). 


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