Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

An age-old question you might ask. One that has troubled even the most profound existential chicken philosopher's. Recently a group of intrepid, scientifically-minded chickenologists decided to put on their thinking caps to discover why so many chickens take off their own think caps when it comes to tempting road encounters. They concentrated their investigative efforts into a single Massive Open Online Coop run by Dan, a chicken herder/psychologist/stand-up philosopher. From his MOOC they learned that the key was not why chickens think they cross roads, but the things chickens fail to consider that unknowingly lead them to cross roads. What follows are some random observations of various chickens in the MOOC, whose names have been omitted to protect their privacy and, in some cases, their shame.

And thanks to Geeta Sadashivan, we now have some illustrations of Chicken's adventures. You can view a complete interactive slide show of them at her blog: http://patangayaa.weebly.com/other.html.



For those of you who stumbled upon this by accident and are wondering what in the world it is, please cross the road and visit https://class.coursera.org/behavioralecon-001/class/index.

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