IROS Marine Robotics Symposia

Call for papers: Special Symposia on Marine Robotics

IROS 2011 ( will feature a series of special symposia to celebrate the achievements of the last 50 years of robotics and to articulate a vision for the future of the field. We are proposing a Special Symposium on Marine Robotics and are opening a call for papers and multimedia presentations discussing various aspects of robotics in aquatic environments. The proposed schedule can be downloaded here. Submissions should address one of the following three general subject areas:

1. Platform Development:
Over the years, there have been many designs for robotic marine vehicles; some more successful than others. In this session, we will focus on past achievements in design and innovation for marine robotics, recently developed platforms and technology, and proposed concepts and desires for vehicles of the future. We will feature an invited plenary talk followed by a mix of standard paper submissions and presentations of papers chosen by the program committee for an interactive multimedia presentation. The focus of presentations included in this session is on the design and evolution of past, present and future marine robot platforms.

2. Control and Planning:
From low-level control development for the first aquatic robots to the successful autonomous navigation under Antarctic ice sheets, aquatic robot autonomy has increased rapidly over the past decades. This is due to the ongoing improvements of controllers and planners for robots in general. The primary focus of this track is to present contributions and novel developments to control theory and planning for marine robots. We will feature an invited plenary talk discussing the history of control and planning for aquatic robots followed by a series of standard paper presentations addressing new work in control and planning methods.

3. Applications:
Autonomous and remotely operated robots are currently utilised for many applications, across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Some examples include, archaeology, geology, military, environmental monitoring, security, chemistry, and biology. Papers presented in this session will focus on the use of marine robots for applications in areas other than robotics and engineering. Field trials/results are not necessary, but are encouraged.

The deadline for submission is March 28, 2011. Submission details can be found at: If you are interested in participating in a session on Marine Robotics, please submit an "INVITED" paper through PaperPlaza using session code 1Q12a. Please note that all submissions for this and other special symposia are required to go through the standard review process of the IROS CEB, and will be published in the IROS conference proceedings with other accepted papers.

We will work with the conference program committee to make the appropriate assignment of papers to the above symposia on the subject of marine robotics. We look forward to your contributions for IROS 2011, Symposia on Marine Robotics.

Ryan N. Smith, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Fumin Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Hayato Kondo, Tokyo Univeristy of Marine Science and Technology, Japan
Gianluca Antonelli, University of Cassino, Italy