Poster Abstracts

Accepted abstracts: From the received submissions we accepted the following paper abstracts for publication on our workshop website. The authors will be presenting posters during the workshop.

Thomas Collins and Wei-Min Shen "PASO: An Integrated, PSO-based Optimization Framework for Hyper-Redundant Manipulator Path Planning and Inverse Kinematics"

S. G. M.Hossain, Carl A. Nelson and Prithviraj Dasgupta, “Locomotion Gaits and Configurations using ModRED and ModRED II Modular Robots”

Lana Sinapayen,Keisuke Nakamura, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hideyuki Takahashi and Tetsuo Kinoshita, “Sound Source Localization with an Autonomous Swarm of Quadrocopters“

J. Timmis, E.Buchanan, E. Clark, H. Erdem, B. Haworth, A. Muhammad, M. Mohammedshahid, K.Nambiar, M. Parmar, J. Hilder and T. Sharpe, “Swarm Robotics in the Studio”

G. Hristov and A.G. Millard and J.A. Hilder and J. Timmis, “Guided Structure Formation Using Modular E-pucks”

F. Caparrelli and A.N. Selvan, “Computer Vision Based Distributed Processing for a Multi-Robot Co-operative Task”

Klementyna Szwaykowska and Ira B. Schwartz, “Identifying heterogeneity in swarms from their dynamic properties through modeling and analysis”

José Baca, Bradley Woosley, Prithviraj Dasgupta, Ayan Dutta, and Carl Nelson, “Improved Coordination Strategy for Locomotion of the ModRED Robot”

A. Faíña, D. Souto, F. Orjales, F. Bellas, and R.J. Duro, “Towards feasible virtual creatures by using modular robots”

Moises Pacheco,Rune Fogh, Henrik Hautop Lund and David Johan Christensen, “Fable: A Modular Robot for Students, Makers and Researchers”

Christopher Parrott, Tony J. Dodd and Roderich Groß, “Towards a 3-DOF Mobile and Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot”

Nikhil Ranganathan, Shuguang Li, and Hod Lipson, “Granular Convection by a Simulated Size-Variable Robotic Swarm”

Juan A. Escalera, Francesco Mondada and Roderich Groß, “Evo-bots: A Modular Robotics Platform with Efficient Energy Sharing”


Here you can download all documents in a single PDF.