Welcome to Ironton Historic Landmarks' site!

Ohio University Southern, in collaboration with Chesapeake High School in Chesapeake, Ohio, identified over thirty historic homes and buildings in the county seat of Ironton, Ohio. The class will produce a web site (the one you’re viewing now), a full color book about the landmarks, and a video featuring all of the homes with detailed speeches by the students presented while standing in front of the buildings. Dr. David Lucas of OU Southern teamed up with Colleen Sexton, veteran teacher from Chesapeake. The two lead the students in this historic academic journey.
Dr Lucas said, “The students will learn public speaking skills, interviewing tactics and group discussion techniques. The course will stretch each student academically, philosophically and socially.”
Mrs. Sexton commented, “We’re very happy to engage in this collaboration with Ohio University. I’ve been teaching speech here at Chesapeake many years and this is the most challenging course we’ve encountered. Not only will the students learn elements of speech, but they will also learn about their county and community. We’re all very happy about the opportunity!”