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Between eating, sleeping, and lying on the beach, what can you do in Mazatlan? You don't need a tour to find an amazing time!



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If you're looking for shopping, don't waste your pesos on the vendors along the malecon that sell cheesy tourist souvenirs.  Wander to the historical center and check out these four art and craft galleries that sell artwork from local artists:

  • The Casa Antigua, located at Mariano Escobedo 206 PTE, is a "handcraft and silver shop."  They have beautiful silver jewelry, as well as other handmade craft projects.  They're open Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Nidart "nido de artesanos" is at 45 Centro Historico.  They sell handmade leather masks, faces and sculpture, as well as clay and leather figurines. 

  • The Casa Etnika, at Sixto Osuna No. 50, sells arts and crafts, jewelry, and wildlife photography. 

  • Gandarva Bazaar, along Constitucion 616 Col. Centro, sells musical instruments, statues, jewelry, trinkets, and a lot more.  They have things from all over the world.  It's worth going here just to see the shop, which has a pond in the middle that you have to cross by walking on stepping-stones.   

Outdoor Activities

  • Take the ferry to Stone Island (Isle de la Piedra) which is actually a peninsula.  You can take a hike, go swimming, or go horseback riding.  Visit the unique village for quitea  change of pace.  Open-air booths sell fresh fish. 

  • Walk the 10 kilometers (6.1 miles) to the Zona Dorado from Old Mazatlan, go shopping in the tourist district, and take a pulmonia back with your purchases. 

  • Go swimming or surfing on the several beaches that dot the coast along the Malecon.  The beach across from the Hotel La Siesta is better for surfing, but swimming is possible if the tide is low.  Otherwise, collect shells and get a tan. 

  • Climb the hill that El Faro lighthouse sits on for a spectacular view of the entire city, including the Golden Zone off to your left and Stone Island to your right. 

  • Watch the cliff divers.  They dive every day at promptly 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., across from Icebox Hill.  Bring a few pesos for a tip. 

  • Wander along the Malecon (the boardwalk that runs along the shore) and take pictures of the numerous statues. 

  • Take a boat to Deer Island for a swimming or snorkeling excursion. 


Many people come to Mazatlan just for the fishing; after all, it has one of the hugest commercial fishing fleets in Mexico.  Personally, I don't understand dragging a drowned worm through the water all day in order to (maybe) catch something slimy and not altogether delicious smelling.  Granted, they're tasty cooked up, or marinated in lime juice, but that's what the commercial fishing fleet is for, eh? 

But here is my synopsis of fishing opportunities in Mazatlan, just because I care about you all so much...oh, don't get all emotional on me now, my page wouldn't be complete without fishing information.  And I do need more things to write about.  Read about fishing in Mazatlan here.