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Mexican Phone Codes

Long Distance (Dial Direct)

Domestic                                                       01

USA & Canada                                           001

Rest of the World                                         00

Long distance (through operator)          

Domestic                                                    020

International                                               090

Special Services             

TIme                                                            030

Wake-up Call                                             031

Info-Domestic Directory                           040

Line Repair                                                050

Cust. Service (Long dist.)                        055

Emergencies                                             066

1-800 #'s (not free)                                  

for numbers:

1-800          dial         001-880

1-888          dial         001-881

1-877          dial         001-883

1-866          dial         001-883


  • For restaurants, 10-15% is standard.  Check your bill to make sure the tax was not included, and do not confuse the 15% tax with an included tip. 
  • Bellmen: about $1 U.S. per bag.
  • Maids: About 15 pesos per day.
  • Taxi drivers: Not necessary unless they performed a special service for you.
  • Tour guides: Tip according to how well they do their tour. 
  • At grocery stores, there will be small children who bag your groceries.  Tip them a peso or two, as they don't get paid. 
  • Also tip delivery people.