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You don't need to be able to speak it fluently.  In fact, to go to Mazatlan, you don't really need to know anything.  The residents are used to American tourists who know nothing. 

But you don't want to be the standard ignorant American tourist.  So you're going to learn a few phrases in Spanish, and trust me, the people will appreciate it.  Even saying "thank you" in Spanish will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Spanish isn't that hard.  A lot of words are similar to English words.  Some words I'm sure you already know, like casa and enchilada.  It's not as difficult as you might think to learn Spanish.


Here are a few phrases and words that you can learn to make your trip much more enjoyable and meaningful.  If you're looking for more in-depth instruction, I recommend taking a class at your local community college or community center.  You'll improve much faster by being able to hear it spoken and being able to speak it yourself.

So.  A few phrases.  (With helpful pronunciation.) ; )

Or, for more in-depth guides, you can go to All Spanish Lessons.

Useful Statements

I (don't) like it ...(no) me gusta ... no may gOOse-tah. 

I'm not sure ...  no estoy seguro...no es-tOY say-gOO-row. 

I don't know ... No se ... No say. 

I think so .......  Creo que si...crAY-o kay see. 

I'm hungry/ thirsty...Tengo hambre/sed.  Tango ahm-bray/sed.

thank you for your help.... Gracias por su ayuda...GrUssy-us pour soo aye-OO-duh. 

Going to a Restaurant

I reserved a table ~ Reserve una mesa ~ ray-sair-vAY una may-suh. 

waiter/waitress ~ camarero/camarera.  cam-uh-rare-oh/cam-uh-rare-ah. 

May I have the menu? El menu por favor. ~ el may-new por fuh-vor.

A beer please ~ una cerveza por favor ~ una sare-vay-suh pour fuh-vor. 

I'd like  ~  Quiero ~ Key-air-oh. 

The bill please ~ La cuenta por favor. ~ La quent-uh pour-fuh-vor.

These are just a few words.  If you'd like to know more, keep checking for upcoming lessons on pronunciation, verb usage and conjugation (it's not that bad!) and lists of everyday nouns. 

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Phrase of the Day:

No hablo espanol.

I don't speak spanish.