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While you are in Mazatlan, take a pulmonia.

It is an open-air taxi that looks like a golf cart on steroids. You will find these everywhere, and if a driver sees you walking, he will turn his cart around and try to get you to ride.

These are fun, but always agree on a price with your driver before you get on. A ride shouldn't cost more than about fifty pesos, unless you're going an extremely long distance. If the driver won't offer you a price you like, just walk away. Another one will be along soon. I saw a driver try to charge a group, fresh from a cruise ship, almost $200 U.S. for a five dollar ride because they didn't agree on a price beforehand.

Any registered pulmonia -- if it has a number -- should be safe. Just use your own judgement.

You can walk to the Zona Dorado for a day of shopping, and, after you have all of your bags, take a pulmonia back to your hotel.

If you don't want to take a pulmonia, there are two buses that make regular routes.

Buses in Mazatlan 

  • The larger green tourist bus is air-conditioned. A ride to the Zona Dorado from Old Mazatlan or vice-versa will cost about 8 pesos.
  • There is a smaller white and green bus with no airconditioning that will cost you 4.50 pesos for the same ride.

Update: Drive your own pulmonia!

I just found out that you can rent your own pulmonia for $46 dollars a day.  That includes gas, insurance, taxes, and 75 free kilometers.  Their office is on front of the Ocean Palace hotel.  Their phone number is 916-4655 and supposedly they speak English.  Presently, they have three pulmonias available to rent.  Dang, I have to go back now so I can drive one of those! 

That sounds  like so much fun.  They drive like maniacs, to put it mildly, and I think it would be a blast to be able to speed along in your own little golf cart-y thingy!  Woohoo!

For price comparison, you can rent a van with a driver for about $75 dollars a day, but how lame is that compared to driving your own Mercedes-Benz cart!  Rock on!

Phrase of the Day:

Acaso huelo una enchilada vieja?

Do I smell an old enchilada?