"No, the cockroach wall hangings are unnecessary--thank you for offering." 


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There are several hotels available in the Old Mazatlan area.  You do not have to stay in a resort to have nice, clean accommodations. 

And isn't that the point of traveling?  You should be able to explore your surroundings, not stay locked up in some generic all-inclusive. 

La Siesta "hallway." 

We stayed at the Hotel La Siesta on Paseo Olas Altos, across the street from the beach.  It wasn't luxury, but it was clean, and we had balcony rooms overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  What made it worth staying there was the unique atmosphere.  There was a large open courtyard in the center, and you climbed wooden stairs with thatched roofs to get to your room. 

There was a giant tree growing in the courtyard, along with a fountain, and it usually stayed cool in there during the day. There is a pool, or you can go across the street to the beach.  Note: the beach is more for surfing than swimming, but it is possible to swim, or you can get a tan and pick up sea glass and shells. 


There is also the Hotel Belmar up the road.  They have 200 rooms with balcony rooms available.  They are a 3 star hotel according to Travel Library. You can also look at reviews there. 


Located on Constitucion, the Melville Boutique Hotel serves breakfast and lunch.  We ate breakfast there one morning and weren't overly impressed, but the gorgeous courtyard, covered in flowers and vines, made the experience worth it. 

Hotel Melville Courtyard, on Constitucion. 

Phrase of the Day:

La pasamos muy bien.

We had a wonderful time.



Do you have your own favorite hotel in the Old Mazatlan district?  Tell us all about it, (give it a sweet review--whether good or bad--) and we'll feature you on this page. 

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