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A.K.A. Why do we waste our time writing this insanely crazy interesting website? Because we love all you people out there who want to travel!! Obviously!



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We enjoy, reading, long walks on the beach, and romantic dinners for two...just kidding.  This is not a personal ad.  Duh.  This is "About Us."  If you thought you were going to some personals page, you're a loony.  Well, it is about us...occasionally, when we stop raving on like freaks and get down to business. 

Alright.  Ahem.  Down to business. 

"We" (heh heh, as in the Royal We, 'cuz there's really no "we" at all involved in writing this) really, really, want to provide interesting, mildly amusing and above all useful and inspiring information to the masses and masses of people who magically stumble upon our lovely little website. 

We hope that you found our website interesting and educational.  Our goal is to give you information that you can use on your trip.  We do our best to be accurate; however, we are not responsible for any errors or changes.  You know, the standard disclaimer.  Please check your own facts before you go.  Everything on here was accurate at the time that we were in Mazatlan, but things could definitely have changed since then.  Just make sure you confirm your information -- it makes for a much more enjoyable trip.  Being stuck at an airport for a bajillion hours really sucks-trust me.  You can take my word for it. 

If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or helpful info for the site, please leave feedback here.  Please do.  It would make us so happy to hear that our work is being appreciated, and that the hours and hours we've slaved away, hunting and pecking on this bloody keyboard, have not been wasted in vain.  Seriously, though.  We have self-esteem issues and YOU can help us overcome them with your (heehee) raving reviews. 



Phrase of the Day:

No hablo espanol ~        I don't speak Spanish.