June 1 (12:01 AM) Registration opens (Field limits: 16 mi- 40 entrants, 30 mi- 60 entrants, & 50 mi- 100 entrants)

July 1 (12:01 AM) Field limit combined (total limit of 200 runners, no preference for any distance)

July 5 (9 AM) Training Run starting at Skulls Gap

Aug 1 (12:01 AM) Registration fee increases 

August 9 (9 AM) Training Run starting in Damascus (at the race start)

August 11 (12:01 AM) New registrants no longer guaranteed a shirt (with additional $20) 

August 16 (9 AM) Tentative Optional Training Run: route will be chosen based on entrants' requests

August 23 (9 AM) Course Marking.  Initially meet at Skulls Gap. (This may change).

Aug 25 (12:01 AM) Registration closes, no more transfers from Waiting List to the Entrants' List.

August 29 (5-8 PM) Packet Pick-up at the Damascus Gazebo (race start/finish).  Check runner packet emails.

August 30- Race Day!
6:00-6:30 AM Packet pickup at Race Start/Finish
6:45 AM All runners must check in by 6:45.  Otherwise you will not be counted as an entrant or a finisher!
7:00 AM- 50 Mile Race starts
7:30 AM- 30 Mile Race starts
8:00 AM- 16 Mile Race starts
Please see the Cut Offs/Time Limits page for time limits on the course.
9:52:06 AM Record 16 mile finish (2010- time adjusted for new start time)
11:16:01 AM Record 30 mile finish (2012- time adjusted for new start time)
11:30 AM Cookout starts
2:16:36 PM Record 50 mile finish (2011)
4:00 PM Time limit for 16 mile event
5:30 PM Time limit for 30 mile event
7:00 PM Time limit for 50 mile event (Cookout ends, finish site clean up, etc)

Aug 31 & September 1 Course sweep

Week of September 1-7 Race admin (After action report to US Forest Service, USATF, etc).  Results will be posted as soon as possible (course cleanup and after action reports are the priority- if these are not done, future races may be at risk).  Emailing the RD to ask about the results slows down the process.