Cut Offs/Time Limits


Each distance event will have different time limits for each aid station.  The cut offs are based on your having enough time to complete the remaining distance and in some cases due to logistical reasons.  If the cut off time is in red, that means it is a hard cut off and you will be pulled from the race (you don't have sufficient time to complete the race).  If the time is in black, it is just a suggestion.
16 milers- you should have no trouble completing your distance.  The cut offs are extremely generous for this distance; however, we do get worried when a runner is on the course for a long time, so don't stop to smell too many roses!

16 Mile Route

Aid Station    Total Distance    Cut off time

Start                        0                8:00 AM

Straight Branch       5                9:15 AM

FSR 90                    9              12:30 PM

Finish/Gazebo       16                4:00 PM

30 milers- You need to average a 15 minute mile up through Skulls Gap (that aid station has to be repositioned during the race).  To average a 15 minute pace, you will need to run faster initially (on the flat Creeper Trail) so you have more time on the hills.  After Skulls Gap, you should have plenty of time.
30 Mile Route

Aid Station    Total Distance    Cut off time

Start                       0                 7:30 AM

Straight Branch      5                 8:30 AM

FSR 90                   9                 9:55 AM

Skulls Gap            16               11:45 AM    
The Skulls Gap aid station will start shutting down early to move, slower runners will find very limited selections.

FSR 90                   22               2:30 PM

Finish/Gazebo        29               5:30 PM

50 milers- You need to average a 14:24 pace for the entire distance.  You will need to take advantage of the flatter sections so you have extra time on the hills.  The times in black are estimates only, some are probably too generous.  This is a tough course to complete in 12 hours!
50 Mile Route
Aid Station

Total Distance

Cut off time

   7:00 AM

Straight Branch (58)            5     8:00 AM
FSR 90            9     9:25 AM
Skulls Gap N (600)          16    11:00 AM
Hurricane Gap (84)          22    12:20 PM
Rowland Creek          29     2:00 PM
Hurricane Gap          32     2:40 PM
Skulls Gap  S (600)          37     3:45 PM
FSR 90          43     5:15 PM
Damascus Gazebo          50     7:00 PM