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Iron Mountain Man/Woman Award

It is the responsibility of the runner as soon as s/he finishes to inform finish line volunteers that s/he intends to compete in the Iron Man/Woman competition.

The Iron Mountain Man/Woman award will be given in each distance to the official finisher (finishing under the time limit) who does the most push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups (which count for 3) within 5 minutes of finishing their distance.  
Push-ups must be from the arms bent at least a 90 degree angle (and parallel to the ground) to arms fully locked out.  The back must be straight and knees may not touch the ground.  Push-ups will be done on grass.  Female push-ups are the same as male push-ups- knees may not touch the ground!
Pull-ups must be palms out, with arms fully locked out then lifting up to the chin touching the bar.  Pull-ups will be done on playground equipment (a thick bar).  For determining the Iron Mountain Man/Woman Award, each pull-up will be equal to 3 push-ups (or 3 sit-ups).
Sit-ups will be with the feet on the ground, knees bent at a 45-90 degree angle, and fingers locked behind the head or neck.  Hands must remain on the head!  Sit-ups must go from shoulder blades on the ground to elbows touching the thighs/knees.  Sit-ups will be done on grass.

The finish line volunteer has the discretion to discount any repetitions they feel do not meet the standards listed above.  If a runner disagrees with the volunteer and expresses his/her disagreement in a rude way to the volunteer, that runner will be disqualified from the Iron Mountain Man/Woman Competition.
Total score = (# of push-ups) + (# of sit-ups) + 3x(# of pull-ups)