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Iron Mountain Man/Woman Award

It is the responsibility of the runner as soon as s/he finishes to inform finish line volunteers that s/he intends to compete in the Iron Man/Woman competition.

The Iron Mountain Man/Woman award will be given in each distance to the official finisher (finishing under the time limit) who does the most push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups (which count for 3) within 5 minutes of finishing their distance.  
Push-ups must be from the arms bent at least a 90 degree angle (and parallel to the ground) to arms fully locked out.  The back must be straight and knees may not touch the ground.  Push-ups will be done on grass.  Female push-ups are the same as male push-ups- knees may not touch the ground!
Pull-ups must be palms out, with arms fully locked out then lifting up to the chin touching the bar.  Pull-ups will be done on playground equipment (a thick bar).  For determining the Iron Mountain Man/Woman Award, each pull-up will be equal to 3 push-ups (or 3 sit-ups).
Sit-ups will be with the feet on the ground, knees bent at a 45-90 degree angle, and fingers locked behind the head or neck.  Hands must remain on the head!  Sit-ups must go from shoulder blades on the ground to elbows touching the thighs/knees.  Sit-ups will be done on grass.  Competitors may have someone hold their feet down while doing sit-ups.

For additional information about the Iron Mountain Man/Woman Award, please see the FAQ (scroll to the bottom).

The finish line volunteer has the discretion to discount any repetitions they feel do not meet the standards listed above.  If a runner disagrees with the volunteer and expresses his/her disagreement in a rude way to the volunteer, that runner will be disqualified from the Iron Mountain Man/Woman Competition.
Total score = (# of push-ups) + (# of sit-ups) + 3x(# of pull-ups)