2019 IronMay Entry Fee (required)

Please type the FULL NAME of the participant whose entry fee you are paying for in the message box below.  You can pay for multiple participants at once.  To do so, please enter ONE name, Click "Add to Cart", then return to this page and repeat the process for each participant before checking out. 
*If you pay for multiple IronMay participants, please make sure that ALL OF THESE participants have completed the registration form in Step 1.

IronMay Donation (optional)

Your donations allow for extra prizes and scholarships for people who otherwise can not afford to participate.  In the past several years, almost 100 participants were able to participate due to the cumulative generosity of other IronMay patrons!  Please consider supporting IronMay this year with a small, medium, or large donation before you checkout.   If you know of someone who could benefit from an entry scholarship, please let us know as well!