This Year's Mini Challenges Will Include:

Iron Week (May 1st - 7th)
(complete enough miles for a full Ironman-distance triathlon during the first 1st week)
**This is the only Mini Challenge that can be accomplished collectively as a team**

Iron Swim (May 8th - 14th)
(complete 2.4 miles of swimming the 2nd week)

Iron Bike (May 15th - May 21st)
(complete 112 miles of cycling the 3rd week)

Iron Run (May 22nd - 28th)
(complete 26.2 miles of running/walking the 4th week) 

Sprint for the Fun of It (anytime)
(complete a sprint-distance triathlon competition or workout.  It must include at least 400-yd swimming, 10 miles of cycling, and 3 miles of walking/running.  If you complete it by yourself, it has to be one single effort, not three events separated throughout the day or week) 

With the exception of Iron Week, the Mini Challenges are intended to be completed individually.  When you complete a Mini Challenge, please fill out the Mini Challenge log below.  Participants who complete a weekly Mini Challenge get their names placed in a drawing for bomb diggity stuff at the awards ceremony.  You can complete as many different Mini Challenges as you like, however, your name can be entered into a prize drawing only once for each Mini Challenge.  For more information about the Mini Challenges, please visit the FAQ page. 

Mini Challenge Log