Since the beginning, IronMay has always been intended to promote and encourage physical activity.  The completion of 1 ironman-distance triathlon in the month of May has been a suitable focus for most individuals and teams over the years.  Indeed, some individuals and teams have set their eyes on even more significant challenges.  It has become commonplace for a handful of individuals and teams to complete their first ironman on May 1 and/or to complete several ironmans throughout the month.  As such, "Competitive" individual and team divisions were available to appropriately challenge high mileage-focused participants.  The intent behind these divisions was to group the most competitive participants together so that they might further motivate and challenge one another.  As well intended as this notion was, it never really worked in its implementation.  

Beginning in 2019, the "Competitive" Individual and Team divisions will cease to exist.  In their place, will be something new.  

At the time of registration, the available participation divisions will be Individuals and Teams (Recreational, Family, or Corporate). As in years past, we expect that most individuals and teams will be focused on completion of a single, or even a few, ironman-distance triathlons. We also expect there will be a handful of individuals and teams with their sights set on higher mileage. For these folks, we have created new Champion divisions.  Individuals and teams (rec, family, or corporate) who complete 4+ and 10+ ironman-distance triathlons, respectively, will automatically be awarded Champion t-shirts and moved into individual and team-based Champion divisions.  Essentially, the best of the best will be grouped together as we get deeper into May.  Individuals and teams who qualify for the Champion division will then have the opportunity to compete for a new, additional prize (TBD).  

We believe the new Champion divisions will more effectively motivate and reward participants across the competitive spectrum.  Since 2019 will be our first year of implementation, there may be some hiccups along the way.  We ask for your patience, grace, and constructive input to refine the idea and its implementation.  

More information can be found on the Rules & Info and Awards & Shirts pages.

Without further adieu, buckle up!  It's going to be a wild IronMay ride in 2019 :)