What is IronMay?
The IronMay Challenge is a community-oriented event hosted by Fellowship Baptist Church in Cheney, WA. The objective is for every participant and team to cumulatively complete an ironman distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run) during the month of May. For some, this task will be incredibly easy; for others, it will be difficult. Ultimately, IronMay reflects our combined efforts to make an impact in the community through physical activity and exercise. This is our 11th year running the event - we hope that you choose to be involved this year, so that you can play your part in keeping yourself, your family, your workplace, and your community fit and healthy.

When is IronMay?
The event begins May 1st at 12:01 am and ends May 31st at 11:59 pm. Only miles completed AND LOGGED during this time period count towards your IronMay total.

How Much Does It Cost?
The Early Entry Fee is $11 per participant.  Early entries must be received by April 27th.  The Late Entry Fee (April 28th-May 7th) is $15 per participant.  Thanks to the support of our sponsors, the community, and participants, we continue our commitment for low cost entry to open up access to our event.  If you wish to support that commitment, consider making a donation.  

Event Distance
Like all triathlons, IronMay is divided into three legs:
  • Swim: 2.4 miles
  • Bike: 112 miles
  • Run/Walk: 26.2 miles
Cumulatively, the three legs total 140.6 miles - a full ironman-distance triathlon.  You may exceed the minimum miles for each leg during IronMay, so keep logging your miles if you surpass them.  Multiple awards are up for grabs, including the highest number of ironmans completed by an individual or team.

Exercise Modes
Training for IronMay can occur outdoors or in any fitness facilities to which you have access.  Specific exercise modes for each leg include:
  • Swim: You may use an indoor pool or accessible lake/pond (brrrrr....). Any stroke can be used to complete the required distance (e.g. crawl stroke, breast stroke, back stroke, or even doggy paddling).  When mileage is unknown, check out the pool lap conversion factor provided in the FAQ section.
  • Bike: You may ride outdoors or use an indoor stationary bike.  When mileage is unknown, check out the time conversion factor and resources provided in the FAQ section.
  • Run/Walk: You can walk, jog, or run on tracks, treadmills, roads, etc.  When mileage is unknown, check out the track lap conversion factor and resources provided in the FAQ section.
Local gyms, campus exercise facilities, and other fitness facilities/programs are all excellent options for IronMay participants.  Contact facilities near you for more info. Feel free to contact us via email for more ideas.

Logging Your Miles
Once you have registered and paid your entry fee, you are responsible for logging your swim, bike, and run/walk mileage through the IronMay website.  To do so, please utilize the Mileage Log (accessible from the menu along the top edge of the website) that corresponds to your Competition Division.  Every participant, even those on teams, should log their own individual mileage.  Logging miles is, of course, based on the honor system, so please be truthful and accurate whenever you log miles.  IronMay is about challenge, friendly competition, and community - don't be the person who spoils this.  

Competition Divisions
You can choose to participate in IronMay as an individual or team/family member.  You can only participate in a single division/category.  For example, you cannot participate as an individual and on a team.  We ask that you choose the competition division that provides the best fit in terms of your planned mileage and competition with others.  
Don't be the PRO team that crushes the C squad league - that's not fun for anyone.  If your mileage appears to exceed the expected mileage for a given division (see below), you will be moved to a more appropriate division to help ensure a reasonable atmosphere of fun and challenge for everyone.

You are solely responsible for completing the minimum distances for all three legs within the month of May.
  • Competitive: This division is intended for individuals who plan to log A LOT of miles in May (not whether you consider yourself "competitive" or not).  Competitive individuals often log between 3-6 ironman-distance triathlons during the month (some have even logged over 10 ironmans in May). 
  • Recreational: This division is intended for individuals who DO NOT plan to log a lot of miles during the month and simply want to have fun.  Many recreation individuals log between 1-2 ironman-distance triathlons by the end of May.
Teams can be comprised of 2-5 members.  Team members divide the IronMay distances between themselves in any manner.  For instance, each member can tackle a specific leg or all members can equally split the distances for all three legs.  Remember, the team total is the finisher target - each member does not have to complete the full ironman distance!
  • Competitive: This division is intended for teams who plan to log A LOT of miles during May OR for teams who plan to finish within their first ironman in 1-2 days.  It does not matter if the team members consider themselves "competitive" or not - this division is based on miles and lots of them.  Many competitive teams log 8-20 ironman-distance triathlons by the end of May.
  • Recreational: This division is intended for teams who DO NOT plan to log a lot of miles during May and just want to have fun.  Most recreation teams log 1-5 ironman-distance triathlons by the end of May.
  • Family: This division is intended as a way for immediate and extended family members to come together via physical activity.  Like all teams, the family members can divide the IronMay distance between themselves in any manner. Most family teams log 1-5 ironman-distance triathlons by the end of May.  If it appears that a family team is logging mileage on par with competitive teams, they will be moved over to that division to balance the competition as fairly as possible across divisions.  Family teams are a great option to encourage physical activity and exercise as a family, develop or reinforce lifelong physical activity patterns, and spend time as a family.  In particular, children of any age are encouraged to participate on family teams.  There also is an award for the family team that has the largest age spread (oldest to youngest member).  Recruit members on both ends of the age spectrum!  
  • Corporate: This division provides business teams the opportunity to compete against one another.  In the past, some businesses have fielded multiple teams, which allowed for mini-competitions at the office.  If you are interested in this division, we encourage you to round up others in your office to field a team (or multiple teams). Most corporate teams log 1-5 ironman-distance triathlons by the end of May.  If it appears that a corporate team is logging mileage on par with competitive teams, they will be moved over to that division to balance the competition as fairly as possible across divisions. 

Awards & Shirts
All IronMay finishers (individuals and teams) will receive a Finisher shirt at an awards ceremony following the event.  If you are unable to attend an awards ceremony, your Finisher shirt can be mailed to you for the cost of postage.  In addition, there are several awards up for grabs during IronMay.  Some awards are specific to the competition division in which you participate.  Other awards are open to all participants (including non-finishers).  You can find out more info about this year's awards here.

Mini Challenges
There will be several Mini Challenges throughout the event.  More on this year's Mini Challenges can be found here.  If you complete a Mini Challenge, please contact us via email to let us know about it.  Participants who complete a weekly Mini Challenge qualify for specific prize raffles at the awards ceremony.  You can complete as many different Mini Challenges as you like, however, your name can only be entered in each mini challenge drawing one time.

Got Questions?
We've got answers!  Please check out the FAQ page for more info or contact us via email at (IronMayChallenge@gmail.com).