Lanuages of IK

Language Status Notes:
Literacy is not always automatic in the Iron Kingdoms. Languages noted as “spoken” under automatic languages require an additional “point” for a high Intelligence modifier or additional ranks in Speak Language for literacy. If a language is noted as “spoken only” in bonus languages, literacy cannot be achieved in that language at 1st level, but can be learned later by gaining additional ranks in the Speak Language skill.
  • “Living” languages are actively spoken and widely used.
  • “Obscure” languages are actively spoken but known only by a small group.
  • "Dead” languages are no longer spoken but learned by scholars or clergy for studying ancient documents.
  • "Common" languages are languages that are open to anyone to learn as wanted.
  • "Uncommon" languages are languages that the character must have a very good reason to learn - DM approval.
  • "Unknown" languages are languages that a character has little chance of learning - DM approval.
Dialect Difficulty Notes:
Dialects have a difficulty rating of +1 to +4. The rating has two purposes.
  • First, it indicates the maximum DC penalty a listener who is unfamiliar with the dialect can incur to a comprehension related task.
  • Second, it indicates how long it takes to become accustomed to the dialect.
Acclimation takes one week of frequent exposure for every +1 of the dialect’s difficulty rating. During acclimation the maximum DC penalty drops one point per week. When it is reduced to zero, the character has acclimated to the dialect.



[Status: Living—Alphabet: Caspian]
Spoken by: Humans of Cygnar; trade language of the Iron Kingdoms
Dialects: Swampie (3): River & swamp folk.
Sulese (1): Official language of the Protectorate
of Menoth. Five Cant (3): Town of Five Fingers & some underworld groups. Scharde Tongue (4): Scharde Islands, Cryx

[Status: Living—Alphabet: Khadoran]
Spoken by: Humans of Khador
Dialects: No common dialects

[Status: Living—Alphabet: Caspian]
Spoken by: Humans of Llael
Dialects: No common dialects

[Status: Living—Alphabet: Caspian]
Spoken by: Humans of Ord
Dialects: No common dialects

[Status: Living—Alphabet: Rhulic & Rhul-Runic]
Spoken by: Dwarves of Rhul
Dialects: “Miner Rhulic” (1): Dwarven miners in other kingdoms
Notes: Complex. This language requires 2 ranks for both spoken & written proficiency


[Status: Living—Alphabet: Molgur]
Spoken by: Chaotic-aligned human barbarian tribes, trolls, ogrun, gobbers
Dialects: Molgur-Trul (2): Trollkin. Molgur-Og (3): Ogrun. Gobberish (4): Gobbers.

[Status: Living—Alphabet: Shyric]
Spoken by: Elves of Ios
Dialects: No common dialects
Notes: Complex. This language requires 2 ranks for spoken proficiency and 3 ranks for both spoken & written proficiency

[Status: Dead—Alphabet: Caspian]
Spoken by: Scholars, clerics & monks of Morrow, wizards
Dialects: No common dialects
Notes: Many ancient documents are written in Caspian, and proficiency in it is required for scholars. Some of the realm’s scientific terminologyhas its roots in this language.

[Status: Dead—Alphabet: Rhulic & Rhul-Runic]
Spoken by: Dwarven scholars, judges
Dialects: No common dialects
Notes: Root of Rhulic

[Status: Dead—Alphabet: Khadoran]
Spoken by: Khadoran scholars & clerics of Menoth
Dialects: No common dialects
Notes: Root of Khadoran


[Status: Obscure, Living—Alphabet: Aeric]
Spoken by: Winter elven tribes
Dialects: No common dialects

[Status: Obscure/Dead—Alphabet: Orgoth]
Spoken by: Orgoth scholars
Dialects: No common dialects
Notes: Presumably a living language in the Orgoth
homeland, wherever that may be.

[Status: Obscure—Alphabet: Skorne]
Spoken by: Skorne of the Bloodstone Marches
Dialects: Unknown
Notes: Unknown to outsiders.

[Status: Obscure—Alphabet: Telgesh Glyphs]
Spoken by: Clerics of Thamar
Dialects: None
Notes: Fabricated holy tongue, limited vocabulary. Used for holy documents and ceremonies, not day-today communication!

[Status: Obscure—Alphabet: Tkra]
Spoken by: Lord Toruk and top servitors in Cryx
Dialects: None
Notes: Secret language of the Dragon King