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Founded in the spring of 2008, the IRON HORNS  were founded as a club for people who enjoy hunting, fishing and the outdoors, as well as have a strong passion for motorcycles.  We also strongly support our 2nd amendment rights, and are proud to be gun owners. 


We are a brotherhood of bikers.  We don't claim to be outlaws or 1%ers.  We claim no territory.  We treat everybody with respect and in turn expect to be treated the same.     



We are a group of motorcyclists that enjoy hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.   And even though some of us have had run ins with the law in the past,  we don't go around looking for trouble.  We would not order or condone a member to break the law, or jeopardize his stature with his family, his employment, or his community to remain a member.  We are not a 1%er, or outlaw club, though we respect the devotion and dedication it takes to be a 1%er. 

Club Objective:

Our objective is to stand up for our rights as outdoorsmen, bikers, and the 2nd amendment.  We help our brothers when they're in need.  We treat all bikers and clubs with respect, and in return, we expect the same.