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New Descriptions Site

The Minecraft Forum thread editor was starting to really annoy me, so I decided to move all mod information to this google site. Hopefully things will be a little more navigable and a little less cluttered now that I've expanded out to multiple pages.


I've decided to move away from Mediafire as a file hosting site for now. Until I find a new one to replace it, new mods versions will only have one upload link. If there's any problems with this link, just let me know in a reply to this post or with a personal message and I'll make getting another link up a priority.

Exanadu's Mods

I've officially agreed to take over updates of Exanadu's Sponges mod. I'll be adding that mod to this download page as soon as I'm able to get it updated to be compatible with Minecraft 1.2.X. Previous users of the mod may see a few small changes, but for the most part I'm planning on keeping the mod the same as how Exanadu made it. 

Exanadu has also given me his code for his elevators mod. I'm going to be using this to make the transition between his mod and mine more smooth. I may even make a "traditional elevator" option so that certain elevators can be set to be used without interacting with a GUI. 

New Textures For Dynamic Elevators - A Contest! (sort of!)

Do you like making textures? Are you an artist (unlike me)? If so, please consider submitting a texture to be used in the next major Dynamic Elevators update. See the bottom of this post for more information or PM me if you want to know more.

(There's no deadline - I'll just wait until I've received enough that I like. Or until I get impatient.)