Don't just sit and listen- 
jump into the kitchen!

Sunday, 6/29/14, 8:30am-9:30am Room A411

Participate in an Iron Chef-style challenge! Come alone or bring friends. You’ll collaborate and design an innovative ed tech solution! 

Tuesday, 7/1/14, 830am-9:30am Murphy Ballroom 3/4

Watch the Iron Chef challenge teams pitch their solutions from Sunday’s challenge. They’ll each have five minutes to share their recipes for success!

What is this? 

You’ll start the challenge on Sunday- come alone or bring friends, but be ready to collaborate! You’ll pick a challenge (see below) and then we’ll give you a set of secret ingredients you will need to include in your solution. You can cook up your solution on the spot, or you can meet with your group later- but be ready to present your final concoction on Wednesday!

On Tuesday, we’ll gather together and share our recipes for success in a fast-paced, engaging presentation.

To be a part of this event, you will need to plan on attending BOTH Iron Chef sessions- Sunday morning AND Tuesday morning!