XML Robot Server

This XML Robot Server will poll the iRobot Create for Sensor Data and make it available via HTTP/XML requests and responses. 

Download XMLRobotServer.ex (rename the .ex file to .exe) and default.html and default.js into the same directory and launch XMLRobotServer.exe with your Create connected to your PC via a Serial Port (direct cable, bluetooth, xbee, etc).

Using a browser, go to http://localhost:80/ (or whatever HTTP Server Port # you set) to get the default.html page.

Browse to http://localhost:80/sensors to receive the sensor data in XML format:

<SensorDataA LastPacket="5/4/2012 10:07:49 PM" PacketCounter="428" BumpDrop="0" Wall="0" CliffL="0" CliffFL="0" CliffFR="0" CliffR="0" VWall="0" OverCurrent="0" IRChar="0" Distance="3" Buttons="0" Angle="91" BatteryChargeState="Not Charging" BatteryVoltage="14444" BatteryCurrentUsage="-176" BatteryTemperature="75" BatteryRemaining="752" BatteryCapacity="2702" WallValue="16" CliffLValue="1431" CliffFLValue="1536" CliffFRValue="1128" CliffRValue="880" DigitalInputs="16" AnalogInput0="83" ChargerAvailable="0" OIMode="1" Song="0" SongPlaying="0" StreamPackets="0" Velocity="0" Radius="0" VelocityR="0" VelocityL="0"/>

XMLRobotServer.exe is a stand-alone executable app. It does not install or require any other files or run-time libraries. It does not use or modify the registry. Configuration data is stored in XMLRobotServer.ini in the same directory the app was launched from.  If you don't want to keep it, just Delete it.

XML Robot Server is also a basic Web Server primarily used to serve-up sensor data as XML, but will also to serve files with the following extensions: html, gif, jpeg, png, css, js, mf, jpg. You can use it as a Web Server without even using the whole Robot Sensor Polling thing.

The XMLRobotServer "ZIP" download below will prompt for a password.  The Password is "create".
Joe Lucia,
Oct 24, 2012, 9:52 PM